Family-Style Dining 


Fresh, Healthy Options

 Provided by CMA and included in tuition  


The CMA standard includes the foods we serve.

We are proud of our seasonal menus and happy to find creative ways to serve healthier options. We continue to search for farm-fresh and farm-to-preschool collaborations to benefit our students. We strongly advocate for family-style dining. At CMA, children as young as two-years-old take turns selecting, scooping, using tongs and passing bowls during meals. They use pitchers to pour their own milk and water. The children are provided opportunities to exert their independence and practice developing self-help skills when messes and spills happen. 

We also utilize meal times for children to practice prosocial behaviors. They are able to set the table, help serve one another, clean up spills together, practice table manners and socialize. Our teachers model healthy habits by sitting at the tables and eating with their students. Family-style dining is an important aspect of our approach to learning.