Our partners play a vital role in the early childhood experiences we are able to offer. We could accomplish little without the support of the community. 

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success." -Henry Ford

We Champion Children

We cannot speak highly enough of the program Coach Katya Winchell has created. We Champion Children is not only SO much fun for young children but also an amazing opportunity for parent education, engagement and time to intentionally connect with your child. Whether you have concerns for muscle tone/strength, motor planning, self-help skills, social anxiety, behavioral challenges, spacial awareness, balance, core strength or absolutely no concerns at all, this program truly is for EVERYONE! We Champion Children is a community that supports and strengthens families. For more information, contact Coach Katya today at katya@wechampionchildren.com


We Champion children

Coach Katya Winchell



After consulting with Occupational Therapists regarding challenging behaviors within the classroom, the suggestion was made that many of our struggling students could benefit from practicing yoga. This Spring we were lucky enough to have connected with Chelsea Agee, owner of Apertures & Asanas. After only one class session, it was clear how beneficial this program was for our students (and teachers!) and we immediately requested weekly sessions. We love that our Friday's with Ms. Chelsea have increased to include Tuesday mornings and Family Session Saturday’s as well! If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of yoga for the entire family, please contact Chelsea at chelsea.agee@gmail.com.




Since May of 2018, we have been in partnership with Meredith Lewis of The Lawrenceburg Academy for Performing Arts and KinderMusik. This partnership allows us to offer a Music & Movement enrichment program for all children enrolled (at no cost to families). This literacy-rich research-based curriculum focuses on the whole child and blends well with our emphasis on multi-sensory learning through play.


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More images from We Champion Children classes held at Sparrow Early Childhood Center: