About The Creative School


It all started when…

We began to look beyond ourselves to find new creative possibilities to better meet the needs of the children we serve. Since opening our first organization in January of 2010, we have been on a journey of discovering what “best practice” means for the community we are within. We have shifted from the defeated mindset of, “We could never implement that here because…” to “But we could if…” Throughout the years, we have regularly received feedback of disbelief from parents, educators and members of the community to find our approach in Lawrenceburg, KY. Our leadership team even spent years doubting that we would receive the support necessary to implement a different approach to early childhood education. Eventually, we could not sit on the idea any longer. The need is too great to not transform our practice.

The founding board members of The Creative School are committed to building a school worthy of serving the children who need an alternative option. To the many stakeholders who are growing this vision with us, thank you for your support.

More About the purpose we are serving…

To create an environment that allows Early Childhood Education to be reimagined (if you can’t find it, create it).


The type of education that honors childhood, builds lasting relationships with families, and fosters creative and compassionate learners (both children and adults) who have the freedom for innovative thinking that will transform our community. 


To provide a play- and project-based approach to early childhood education that nurtures relationships and values the many forms of intelligence equally while following the child’s lead in pursuit of their interests and strengths. 

What we VALUE

  1. Playfulness and Fun: Some of the most important learning is constructed through play. We believe that engagement and joy must be sparked prior to creativity and learning. This allows for powerful and lasting educational experiences. Play allows children to express themselves, process new ideas and develop relationships. We value having FUN at The Creative School.

  2. Creativity and Self-Expression: We are committed to connecting children to the types of environments they need in order to creatively express themselves. Through creativity, we believe children will be more intrinsically motivated to engage in their learning opportunities.

  3. Family Connections: We believe in the power of partnerships between the home and school. Together, we can best provide opportunities for practicing mutual respect, cooperation, leadership, integrity, active listening, conflict resolution and an appreciation for differences.

  4. Relationships with Community: For childhood experiences to have a transformative impact, the community must come together to see and value how critical these early years are. We are committed to bringing the community together to make learning visible. Together, we can learn from one another and build lasting partnerships.

  5. Environmental Awareness: We understand the growing responsibility we have as educators to provide opportunities for children to learn about the impact they have on their environment. We are committed to learning in and from nature while exploring the concept of how we influence our ecosystem.

  6. Self-Awareness and Well-Being: We believe the time is now for children to develop a strong sense of self. This involves allowing them to determine how they learn best, what social skills are most effective as well as what healthy strategies help to overcome challenges. We feel our role is to provide many opportunities for developing an open-mind, the ability to self-reflect, and desire to grow personally.

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